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10 Tips To Becoming A Great Chef

Learning how to become a successful chef isn’t easy. Moving up in this demanding field takes determination. With the right balance of chef skills and qualities, you can do it. These 10 power tips to becoming a great chef can help.


A great chef must be a solid manager of people and things. Managers are well versed in directing people to accomplish a task, planning and organizing towards results, and troubleshooting problems as they arise. Leaders help to create an environment where people thirst for knowledge, aspire to exceed expectations, share common goals, and feel an important part of the team responsible for reaching those goals. Every chef must exude the characteristics of leadership.


Decision-making in any business without substantial, useable data is nearly impossible. Chefs need to know how to check averages, what items sell best at different times, why business is best on certain days and worse on others, how much each menu item contributes to overall financial success, the cost of producing each item, the amount of labor required to produce certain items, the yield from various cuts of


Cost controls are essential, but a restaurant will never be able to cut costs as the sole method of reaching for long-term success. One of the chef’s primary tasks is to work diligently on ways to improve the sales line.  This might be done by creating reasons for increased traffic, or by building check averages through effective menu planning, costing strategies, and taking part in effective front-of-the-house training programs to drive upselling.



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